Maui Grocery Delivery

Why do our guests take advantage of the grocery delivery service? We stock your kitchen so you don’t have to. As long as we can access your unit we do this before you even arrive. This way you can start enjoying your vacation immediately. After a long day of traveling, grocery shopping is one of the last things our guests want to do. This enables our guest to skip the long lines at Costco or the local grocery store and get right to the pool!

Step 1

We shop primarily at Safeway and other local large grocers. We pass along club card savings to you. We shop at specialty stores including Cosco as appropriate.

Step 2

We add 25% shopping/delivery fee, plus local tax, to the store total. Copies of the store receipts are either left with your order, or e-mailed

Step 3

 There is no minimum order , but for orders that are under a $150 store total – – instead of the 25%, there is a flat rate $45 dollar shopping fee, plus local tax
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